Issues at Divorce ....

Before you sign any DIVORCE AGREEMENT, consider these responsibilities and obligations between the two parties:

There are RECIPROCAL RESPONSIBILITIES and OBLIGATIONS that existed between the two parties PRIOR TO THE DIVORCE....and this cease at SIGNING of the DIVORCE Agreement. Look at the following....ESPECIALLY, if you are the WEAKER PARTY in a threatening RELATIONSHIP...

1. Retirement Planning

This should be done for both parties at this time.It might happen that one of the parties ceased working to assist in the raising of children.The provision for retirement would then have been affected during this period.The formation of an agreement should be met on the sacrifices the weaker party made during this period of marriage.

Currently, the Market Trend is: R1 mill per R5 000 p m required. This implies that, for somebody that is used to a monthly lifestyle of R15 000 p m, her/his Retirement plan should be worth R3 mill in today's value. This does not keep in mind, if that person is 10 years from retirement...then it could be as much as R6 mill required....

2. Maintenance

The parties should discuss what happens when the party responsible for payment of the maintenance, passes away or becomes disabled. Maintenance to children as well as provision for tertiary education should also be taken into consideration. Even the risk of their care-taker(mother?) becoming temporarily disabled or extremely sick, while looking after the kids. Especially if she has her own commitments and continue NOT TO BE Economically her own right(e. g. looking after minor kids)

 Again, the market trend is R1 mill per R5 000 p m.


3. Disability

The possibility of both parties getting in an accident or illness, which results in the loss of monthly income as well as the ability to provide this income should be discussed.

The same here...and on both parties lives...because of Insurable Interest the parties have in each other....e g Loss of Income(Temporary and/or Permanently)


4. Bond Cover

Both parties should be taken into consideration...Ownership of all existing Life Insurance should be discussed(and Beneficiary Changes).....because of irrevocability....after the Divorce agreement is signed.....and the risk of INHERITING LARGE DEBT/a BOND.


5. Short Term Insurance

It should be discussed which party will be responsible for payment of this. The possibility of change of Ownership should also be taken into account. Insurable Interest of any exceptional VALUABLES are important....e g expensive rings or valuable paintings.


6. Dreaded Disease

The impact of a DREADED DISEASE or illness on the payment of accounts, is also a serious event.A permanent nurse/care taker could also escalate this capital outlay.....

Keep in mind, that CANCER treatment(NOT COVERED by a Med normally 40 to 50 % of such a bill) priced for the consumer's pocket, averaging an AMOUNT OF R350 000

to R500 000.And in this case, after the Divorce was settled....this could be a big issue between ex-partners/spouses.


7. Insurable Interest

Another issue that could be of big risk, is the possible INSURABLE INTEREST that two parties could have in even outside risks, for example children becoming disabled, grandparents becoming a financial burden onto any of the parties...and especially if their are obligations already in place. Any future divorcees that are to continue working in the same environment(Family Business).....and potential directors of a family business(but younger members of a family...)



Revision of the current wills should be done as soon as possible. Where applicable, a new will should be drafted, together with a HOLISTIC FINANCIAL PLAN(Estate Plan) where the two parties are aware of the various risks mentioned above.

Keep in mind that there is a "window period of ONLY 3 MONTHS in which an existing(clause for benefit of previous spouse) will, is NOT VALID after divorce.

Remember, Once you have signed the divorce agreement, the POSSIBLE CONTROL on the other party is GONE.

For more info, feel free to contact me:

 044 3021717 w


Kind regards
Petrie Swanevelder

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Andre Steenkamp | Reply 13.08.2013 11.51

Hallo Petrie, well done met n baie nice webtuiste! Ek het jou gevolg vanaf LinkedIn... 19.08.2013 12.50

Hallo Andre
Thanks man..ek is besig om Inter-Links te vestig op hierdie website, en dan met my affiliate..soos verwys na my Leave a Legacy model.GroetnisPetrie

Belinda | Reply 12.08.2013 11.30

Me and my children are victums of this terrible event. Mothers please take note of this to insure your children's wellbeing

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This Wealth inflation rate has escalated to 12 to 14 % over the past 3 years in SA.Take note, inflation is a very personal and customised issue...

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