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May we all have a prosperous and blessed 2015. I believe that this forthcoming year is going to be a make or break year for the RSA economy...and I put my head on a block that those coming out on top after 12 months....will grow further exponentially in 2016.

Best of luck to us all



It is a known fact that the economical active population, all over the world is being squashed into a Phenomena that will be felt over Generations.

Daddy and Mommy are looking after their children for raising them the best they can...and also within their own financial means. Mommy and Daddy unfortunately, also have to look after Grandpa and Grandma.(Only 4 % of all Retirees are self-sufficient)...and especially supplementing their pocket on Medical Expenses.

This phenomenon is being called the Sandwitch Generation...and the effect it has on Mommy and Daddy's financial planning is vast, unless they discuss this with their Financial Advisor.Please see that you have this discussion with your Advisor with regards to "INSURABLE INTEREST" that you may have in Grandpa and/or Grandmom...and see that this issue is still discussed with your advisor, while they are STILL INSURABLE...

Also, with this in mind, there is NO BETTER INVESTMENT THAN a Life Assurance Policy on someone Else's long as it is correctly designed.



Our vision for the Rand is that it will show continuous weakness till 3 to 6 months after the RSA election....

Please see that your portfolio is adjusted by at least 30 % into Off Shore assets....or check that your Asset Managers are doing their adjustments, if they have not done so last year in May/June 2013.

It is a known fact that only 4 % of all men over the world are appropriately addressing their Financial Needs for themselves and their families....and they say that Men is the stronger gender....

I say that people all over the world are not serious enough about their own financial position...and especially long term planning.

There is an immense differentiation happening between the average "man in the street" and individual inflation. Everybody's own inflation rate is being determined by his consumer basket that he is used to.

Wealth inflation is also relative to the individual's desire to keep his living standards up, over time. In the current environment, the average individual that wants to maintain his first world standard in South Africa (RSA), can at least make his calculations on between 10 and 12 % pa. Using the formula: 72/x would result in this individual being forced to double the money to buy this basket of goods in 6 years (x being your individual inflation rate).

This is going to drive the thrift between the haves and the have nots.

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16.11 | 10:47

Very inspirational & motivating.

12.04 | 19:56

Ek Callie swanevelder Dane is baie lief vir jou.

11.02 | 10:54

This Wealth inflation rate has escalated to 12 to 14 % over the past 3 years in SA.Take note, inflation is a very personal and customised issue...

02.02 | 15:04

Hey Petrie

Dankie vir al jou hulp maat.


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